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We were commissioned by Blue Jeans Network Ltd, an International Company specialising in video conferencing, who wanted something unique to demonstrate their products at international trade shows.

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We created 3 bespoke video conferencing booths for them, painted in their corporate colour complete with customised backboard and TELEPHONE signs personalised with their company logo.

Please find their comments summarising conception to completion:

“BritishBits have just completed three refurbished telephone booths for our company to be used at trade shows. They did such an amazing job! We changed the colour to blue and they completely gutted the inside to incorporate our company's product, video conferencing.

We debuted these phone booths at Gartner Symposium Barcelona. They were the talk of the show and were exactly what we needed to elevate our brand.

Jason was very helpful throughout the process. As you can imagine, we had quite a few questions since we haven't ever done anything like this before. He was very flexible, helpful and professional. I can't say enough good things about working with him.”

Erin Denlea

Senior Manager (International Marketing)

Blue Jeans Network, Ltd


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