K6 Kiosk Spares List

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Item Condition Price (£)
Door panel cast ironNew325.00
Door hardwood surroundNew255.00
Black backboardNew59.00
Original door closerUsed55.00
B.T light fittingNew49.00
B.T light fittingUsed35.00
Door hingeNew20.00
Door handleNew18.00
Door strapNew19.00
Shackles, Pin, SplitNew9.00
Glazing frame (Large) NewNew10.00
Glazing frame (Large)Used7.50
Glazing frame (Small) NewNew8.00
Glazing frame (Small)Used5.50
Glazing frame (Set) NewNew450.00
Glazing frame (Set)Used395.00
Glazing pin (Set)New4.00
Safety glass (Large)New6.50
Safety glass (Small)New4.50
Safety glass (Set)New299.00
Push / Pull signNew20.00
Telephone sign safety glassNew40.00
Telephone sign safety glassUsed35.00
Red BS539 enamel paint (5 Litre)New85.00
Red primer (5 Litre)New36.00
Black enamel (1 Litre)New19.50
White enamel (1 Litre)New19.50


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