Walt Disney Cruise Ships - K6 Kiosks

We were contacted by the design team at The Walt Disney Company who were interested in 5 bespoke K6 Telephone boxes to be installed on their new cruise ship “Disney Fantasy”.

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The customer was very precise in what they wanted and we were more than happy to help facilitate this.

Before customisation began all five boxes had to be completely renovated. One of the boxes had to be dismantled into pieces that would fit into a 6ft by 3ft elevator with a maximum weight capacity of 300kg. This was to be taken up to the 12th floor of the ship and reassembled in one of the penthouse suites.

The other four boxes were destined for the ship’s themed nightclub “The Tube” which was inspired by London’s Underground subway. Two of the K6 boxes were “sliced” from top to bottom. Each of these was attached to a mild steel frame so that they could be bolted to a wall and leaving 1ft protruding out.

The other two boxes were each fitted with two doors so that they could be accessed from either the back or the front.


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